The little exoplanet Callisto is named after a Nymph, the daughter of the infamous king Lycaon and the Naiad Nonacris.

The myth says that Callisto joined the hunting party of the goddess Artemis, and thus she was constantly seen close to the goddess.

Zeus seduces Callisto while disguised as Artemis. Extracted from the Zeus music video by Pascu y Rodri.

Zeus obsessed with the charms of the young huntress and followed her during their hunting trips. Once she was alone Zeus disguised himself as Artemis and seduced Callisto, impregnating her.

Artemis, who demanded all her followers to remain pure, found out about the affair and expelled Callisto from her company. The poor Nymph roamed the forest alone as the pregnancy advanced.

Callisto's demise. Extracted from the Hera music video by Pascu y Rodri.

Hera found about her husband’s infidelity and transformed Callisto into a bear only to trick Artemis to shoot her during a hunt. Zeus felt pity for the Nymph. He sent Hermes to rescue the unborn baby, Arcas, and take him to the Nymph Maia. Then he transformed Callisto into a constellation, Ursa Major, the Great Bear, where she could live save from Hera’s wrath.

Her son, Arcas, succeeded his grandfather Lycaon and his kingdom received the name Arcadia in his honor. On his death bed, Zeus transformed him into a constellation, Ursa Minor, the Little Bear, and put him next to his mother in the sky.

In Mason’s Diary, Ferdinand refers to the planet as a “Sterile hunk of rock”, which probably refers to it being a solid core exoplanet, devoid of any signs of life. Mason describes it as mostly iron and mineral carbon, with traces of copper and other minerals, in a solid compact, almost spherical formation. Some traces of methane rivers and lakes can be identified on its surface, but most of it has evaporated, and it’s missing, probably extracted for future use. By the time the Ziggurat reaches this planet the mining operations are finished, but the planet is still exploitable. Mason has the task to clean it up in case the Mining crew decides to return.


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