Why Ceiba?

The image of a tree as axis to the world has symbolic importance in many cultures, this symbol takes several names and roles inside different mythologies across the world, being always a cosmic center piece, like a cornerstone for the universe. Prehispanic civilizations are no exception, for the mayans a sacred tree connects the heavens on its branches, with the world of the living in the trunk and the underworld under its roots. In Bribri mythology a tree grew so tall that began to rip the fabrics of the sky, Sibö then, the head of the gods, ordered his servants to cut it down, many tried and failed, until Okama, the mighty god of tools, downed the powerful tree. As it fell, the tree turned to salt water and formed the seas.

This tree, important to the mayans as well as the bribri, is called Ceiba. It can grow up to 70 meters tall and 3 meters wide. Its roots or gambas are sturdy vertical structures that insert into the ground, granting the tall tree with support and stability.

The Ceiba is then, for us, a powerful symbol of greatness and stability, it gives us the inspiration we need to grow tall to the sky and look above the clouds where our dreams can become a reality, and yet remain firmly grounded, stable with strong roots that will keep us standing in the worst of weathers.