In 9th Century France, during the reign of Charlemagne, the Saracens invaded from the east. Bradamante, the strongest of Charlemagne’s paladins, is pushing back the invasion along with her comrades.

In this top-down high-fantasy metroidvania, you’ll play as Bradamante exploring the magical lands of medieval France, forging alliances, rivalries, and romance among the knights of both armies.

This game is a Hack&Slash with a simple, fast and energetic combat system in which you’ll make combos in rapid succession and fight multiple enemies at once.

  • Fast-paced, easy-to-pick combat system
  • Whimsical and action-packed gameplay
  • Rich story with fully developed characters
  • Knight System: Find other wandering knights and progress their stories. Sometimes they’ll be your allies, and sometimes your rivals.


  • Steam
  • Playstation 5
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Nintendo Switch

Developed by

  • Ceiba Software & Arts
  • Frame 3 Studio

Published by

  • To be defined

Bradamante is in early production. This are some of the concept pieces done by our talented illustrator @le_dit.