Voxel Blast First Prototype


Maybe you have been wondering how Voxel Blast was first conceived.

Well.. I could tell you that I have always liked dogfighters. So, when i realized that i wanted to develop games I was sure I wanted to make a dogfighter. I mean, let’s be serious, I wouldn’t put much effort in a project I didn’t like. I never imagined it would be our first project as a team, but now it happens to be.

The first Voxel Blast prototype was named XWars and I developed it in 2011. I started the prototype when I was at the University. Back then, I used to spend my free time working on it. It’s important to mention that this was the first time I developed a game and I was alone.

I was originally inspired by Gridwars, a Geometry wars clone we used to play back in college between classes. My idea was to take Gridwars to the third dimension, but I was obsessed with Java back then and decided to develop the graphics with OpenGL using an already deprecated library. So, I took a series of bad decisions and made the game strictly from scratch, from the spatial representation engine, passing to the graphics engine, to a module to import 3D models from other platforms, everything was developed by me. The game took forever to develop, and ended up being a weird, hard to play, odd looking, quasi-game that no one could play except me. However, it was worth it, because all the time spent in XWars helped us to develop Voxel Blast.


Today you can say that most of Xwars Core is reflected in Voxel Blast somehow. Voxel Blast has two controls: gamepad (also flightstick) and mouse but XWars had only mouse control. I had this crazy idea that a mouse could be mentally mapped like a flightstick, taking a point in the screen as the center position and the X and Y axes as the horizontal and vertical axes of an analog stick. Voxel Blast still works under this idea, the mouse works as an “analog flightstick”, of course Voxel Blast has several improvements to this mechanic (steering indicators in the HUD, deadzone, exponential curves for more precise movements and others).

I’am very proud of this unfinished project. Here’s a copy of that original prototype, free to download and play if you want, I replaced the music It used to have with the music of Voxel Blast, given I don’t have any permission to distribute Daft Punk songs ;). Just remember, this “game” is sort of unplayable, so don’t blame me if you suffer headaches in the process :XWars

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